14 ноября 2020 года, Технопарк Чеченского государственного университета

C 20 июня 2020 года начала работу приемная комиссия Чеченского государственного университета. Документы для поступления можно подать онлайн. Для этого абитуриенту нужно заполнить электронное заявление: выбрать условия поступления, указать дисциплины ЕГЭ, загрузить копии документов об образовании и индивидуальных достижениях — и следить за информацией в рейтинге абитуриентов.

В Чеченском государственном университете открыта горячая линия. Вы можете сформировать электронное обращение по интересующему вопросу или позвонить по одному из контактных телефонов.

Станьте зрителем первого в истории Всероссийского онлайн-выпускного для студентов!

27 июня 2020


The all-Russian historical event "Dictation of Victory" was held at the Chechen State University.

The head of Chechen Republic, a member of Supreme Council of the party "United Russia" and the hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov pays attention to the Patriotic education of young people. The head of the region personally controlled the organization of the event due to the importance of preserving historical truth.On the 3rd of September, the international historical event "Dictation of Victory" was held at the Chechen State University. On the initiative of the United Russia party, the event was...

Win in the 9th Internship Sports Contest "Healthy Lifestyle"

On may 17 within the walls of the Chechen State University, the winners of the 9th University Olympics among the students "Healthy Way of Life" Spartakiad won our faculty of public administration. Throughout the season, the guys showed excellent results in all sports, ranking first in the tournaments. Also, on the eve of the university sports contest "Healthy Way of Life", the Faculty's organized a faculty sports tournament "Higher, Stronger, Faster" for the preparation of the team for the...

The final meeting of the student asset and the results of the competition "Student of the Year FGU 2018"

At the faculty of public administration there was held the final meeting of the student asset and the results of the competition "Student of the Year FGU 2018". At the meeting, the dean of the faculty M. A. Dovletmurzaeva, the dispatcher of the Dean's Office B.D. Masayeva and Deputy Dean Eskiev M.A. summed up the general results of the year and praised the work of activists. Also, the most active students of the faculty received certificates for their active participation in the life of the...

Meeting of employees at State Management Faculty

Today, 10.05.2018, at the faculty of public administration, a planned meeting of the faculty staff took place, at which Dean Dovletmurzaeva, M. A. noted the need to improve the educational process and improve the quality of education.The main topic of discussion was preparation for the forthcoming session. An important part of the discussion was the implementation of the Unified Concept of spiritual and moral education and development of the younger generation of the Chechen Republic within the...

In search of unknown lakes

At the beginning of June, 2018, the staff and students of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality organized a fieldtrip to the State Biological Reserve "Vedensky" in Vedeno District of the Chechen Republiс. The main objective of the fieldtrip was to locate and study a small lake, near the source of the Arzh-Akhk River. This lake has never been described in academic journals. It was discovered during the study of satellite maps by Selikhov Rasul – a junior assistant at the Department of...

Intellectual quiz at State Management faculty

Today, on May 8, 2018, the intellectual quiz "Your Game" was held at the State Management faculty of the Chechen State University. The game consisted of three rounds. On the eve of the Victory Day questions were drawn up on the history of the Second World War. In a bitter struggle, the winner of today's game was determined. This is the command "GMU-16-1" Congratulations guys for the victory. I want to note that the rest of the teams were well prepared and are tuned in the future, striving for...


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